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S.F. Griggs

About Us

Since 1990, S.F. Griggs & Associates has been a leading manufacturer's representative supplying top quality products to the power generation industry in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada.

Having first entered the power generation industry in 1980, S. F. Griggs brings a long history of providing solutions in a wide variety of facilities such as, hospitals, financial institutions, data centers, telecommunications sites and other critical needs.

The applications we address include standby power generation (commercial and residential), distributed generation, cogeneration, prime power and more.

Our expertise covers electrical and mechanical product offerings.

Over the years we have added to the product lines that we represent while increasing our staff with personable and qualified personnel. We constantly strive to adhere to our mission statement:

To provide accurate and timely services to our customers and their end users while responsibly representing our quality manufacturers. To further support the engineering and contracting community while maintaining a profitable and efficient operation.

Member of  EGSA
S.F. Griggs & Associates is a member of the
Electrical Generating Systems Association